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Construction Testing and Laboratory Services

Our services do not end with site evaluation and design. Complete quality control testing and inspection services are also available during grading and construction. LOR's technicians are trained to provide testing and field observation services on a wide variety of projects. Behind each field technician is the support of professional engineers and geologists to provide timely on-site solution to construction problems if they arise. All of our field and laboratory technicians are Caltrans and ACI certified. Construction testing and laboratory services are listed below:


Site grading control

Construction inspections of public infrastructure improvements

Batch plant inspections

Compaction testing services

Construction materials sampling and testing

Reinforced Concrete


Our Certifications

ICC – Reinforced Concrete Special Inspection

American Construction Inspectors

Caltrans Method 105 – Calculations Pertaining to Gradings & SpG

Caltrans Method 125 – Sampling Highway Materials and Products

Caltrans Method 201 – Soil & Aggregate Sample Preparation

Caltrans Method 202 – Sieve analysis of Fine & Coarse Aggregates

Caltrans Method 216 – Relative Compaction, Soils & Aggregate

Caltrans Method 217 – Sand Equivalent

Caltrans Method 226 – Determination of Moisture Content by Oven Drying

Caltrans Method 227 – Evaluating Cleanness of Coarse Aggregate

Caltrans Method 229 – Durability Index

Caltrans Method 231 – Relative Compaction, Soils & Aggregate (Nuclear)

Caltrans Method 301 – ‘R’ Value, Soils & Bases (Stabilometer)

Caltrans Method 304 – Preparation of Bituminous Mixtures for Testing

Caltrans Method 305 – Swell of Bituminous Mixtures




Caltrans Method 307 – Moisture Vapor Susceptibility of Bituminous Mixtures

Caltrans Method 308 – Bulk SpG & Wt. Per Cubic Foot, Bituminous Mixture

Caltrans Method 309 – Theoretic Max Spg. & Density of Bit. Paving Mixtures

Caltrans Method 366 – Stabilmeter Value

Caltrans Method 375 – In-Place Density & Rel. Compaction, AC Pave

Caltrans Method 504 – Air Content, Freshly Mixed Concrete, Pressure

Caltrans Method 518 – Density of Fresh Concrete

Caltrans Method 521 – Compressive Strength of Molded Cylinders

Caltrans Method 523 – Flexural Strength of PCC

Caltrans Method 533 – Ball Penetration in Fresh Portland Cement Concrete

Caltrans Method 539 – Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete

Caltrans Method 540 – PCC Cylinder Fabrication

Caltrans Method 556 – Slump of Fresh Portland Cement Concrete

Caltrans Method 557 – Temperature of Freshly Mixed Portland Cement Concrete


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